First, let it be known that YOUR ataxia is probably NOT the same as mine, or his or hers. Whether you have A-T (ataxia telangiectasia), Friedreich's, SCA, SCAR, acquired or sporadic, unknown, etc. you have ATAXIA. There are symptoms that run the GAMUT. Also know that ataxia (the condition) is progressive, and the degree worsens with time.

They include lack of balance and walking ability, usually slow or slurred speech, nystagmus (jerky eye movement), double vision (diplopia, NOT strabismus),  worsening handwriting, and anything to do with motor coordination, and fatigue. These are classic go-to symptoms.

Much of what I say is from REAL experience, and helpful analogies to help you understand CONCEPTS.

For instance, one may have cancer. Is that breast cancer, colon cancer, leukemia, Hodgkins Lymphoma, skin cancer (melonoma), or some other type? ALL are cancers. What stage? There are many factors, but all roads lead  to cancer. Even moreso with ataxia.

You may hear that all people are different, which is sometimes true, but not always. Your response may be different, but the ataxia may be the same. It is important to know that there are over 100 types and counting.

Diagnosed with an unknown SCA in 1995, I tested positive for SCA15 about 2012. Not knowing the type to me isn't all that big a deal. At one time, there were 14 family members affected. Many answers can be found in my book 'Life with ATAXIA', lots of short tip videos on my Youtube channel, many facebook posts, pages, and so forth. I can put the info out there, but it is up to YOU to apply it to your situation. Remember, 'Google' is a tool. Some stuff you find may be correct, whereas much may be agenda bologna.

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Includes an ebook version of the book 'Life with ATAXIA', links to my 'tip videos', and links to my 'Ataxia Webinar' series, which can be streamed at anytime. No need to be anywhere at any time. ALL videos are less than 10 minutes, and webinars less than 45 mins.

This info is worth hundreds if not thousands. I however am not  interested in making a few bucks. I am interested in raising awareness, and helping others get through a situation that is unimaginable to others. You'll learn many things you need to know, in language you can understand, explaining hows and whys. Also tips, tricks, and advice. I had to learn the hard way...YOU DON'T

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