Includes ebook copy of
'Life with ATAXIA'
This is the EXACT same 160 pages as in the printed hard copy book (usually ebooks are teasers, or infomercials used to get you to buy more stuff)....

Will flatten your learning curve,  and put you LIGHT YEARS ahead of the startline. Learn many things that you will probably need to know from a person that knows and has been there...

Tip Videos

A collection of videos I made over the years, addressing various issues. These are self filmed, self made, self edited. They are informational, not blockbuster productions...

(just a few minutes each)

It took 25 years of trial and error, frustration, and aggravation. Whether you are new to this life, or have been doing this for years, you will learn or validate something.  I am not here to judge or make you believe... I am putting out info that you need to know...what you do with that info is TOTALLY on you....

Pre-recorded Webinars

A series of 5 webinars hosted by me, with a presentation by Dr. Linda Snider, an actual physician, diagnosed with ataxia, and still practicing...all are a length of 30-45 minutes.
Tired of the lack of information? Tired of questions with no answers or misinformation and total falsehoods? ME TOO!!! That's why I decided to do what I do. After you read the book, watch the videos and webinars, you may just have a new perspective, or new outlook. Some things will be much clearer...and you can read and watch multiple times...the info may be  the same, but your understanding is different.

NOW includes a copy of my  new  booklet