Life with Ataxia

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NAF 60 Mile challenge

This is the shirt I'll be wearing, when riding, it'll help to bring awareness

Why are we doing this challenge

My family and I are going to ride our bikes 60 miles this summer, in an effort to bring awareness to this rare disease called Ataxia. 


It was a beautiful Saturday morning, so we put air in the tires, helmets on, and began to ride. We stopped for breakfast along the way, but managed to get 20 miles in.

Why the shirt

I will be wearing the shirt every time I ride in an effort to bring more awareness to Ataxia.

How to Donate

Please click the "Donate" button to support my efforts in meeting my fundraising goal, all donations go directly to the "Bartell Fund" at the National Ataxia Foundation, in hopes of finding a cure. Your donation, big or small, will help. Thank you for your support.

ALL proceeds go to Ataxia Research, Help find a Cure

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From the book

I’ve been told that I am "unique" and even “blessed”, not many people have Ataxia. I do. This is my story, my journey, with this rare and life-altering disease. I hope you find this inspirational and uplifting.

I was born on a cold Thanksgiving day, 1971 in Arlington Heights, IL. My mom always said I was her “big turkey”. Little did I know that this “big turkey” was in store for a wild ride through life.  Twisting and turning, by no fault of mine, but of my disease that was hidden inside me for many years before I ever knew what Ataxia was and it’s devastating effect is has on the human body.

What is Ataxia

Ataxia is a rare disease, in the US, only about .04% of people have it, and most Ataxia is genetic, Ataxia mostly affects the Cerebellum. Here is how to proniunce Ataxia (a Taxi a)

The Cerebellum has 2 sides with a membrane going right up the center, it sits at the back part of your brain. The Cerebellum controls coordination, balance, speech, swallowing, all voluntary motor movements, equilibrium and muscle toan. "It's a Brain Thing" As you do those things, your Cerebellum will help with the controls to be smoother and require less conscious effort to preform.

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